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A Qualified and Experienced Team

Take advantage of specialized treatments adapted to your needs, offered by qualified massage therapists!

Mobile Massotherapy Service in Montreal


Are you looking for a massotherapy professional in Montreal? Make the right choice by retaining the services of the Massothérapie Mobile Dimitri team. To best meet your needs, we offer a mobile massotherapy service. Since 2009, our therapists have been coming to your location to provide you with relaxing massages, body regeneration and other therapeutic treatments. In addition, our specialized massotherapy treatments are tailored to your specific needs.

Our experienced and qualified team has an accurate knowledge of massage techniques to treat your joint and muscle pain. We are dedicated to your well-being. Our services are aimed at a wide range of clients: men and women aged 18 and over, private and public companies, residential clients, sportsmen and women, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. Our wellness centre offers a wide range of services:

Couple massage


Fitness training

Renewal massage

Kinesis-mobiliartucalition massage

Epicranial massage (head massage)

Tandem massage

Body regeneration

Therapeutic treatment combinations

Medical techno-pedago massage

Foot massage

Massage for back pain

For your convenience, we will come to you with all the equipment to transform your rooms into holistic spaces for a session's duration. Whether you are a private or public company or individual seeking well-being in a residential area, we will be delighted to put our expertise at your service. We serve the cities of Montreal, South Shore and North Shore. Don't delay and contact us today!

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Home Care Services

Massothérapie Mobile Dimitri offers massotherapy and massage services in your home. We do not hesitate to go to sports centres, health centres, workplaces, corporate offices, especially for banks and call centres, health centres or to your home to offer you a therapeutic massage or specialized treatments provided by professionals in the domain. With our service, you can enjoy a regenerating massage that will alleviate chronic pain, back pain, stress or tiredness, in the comfort of your home or workplace. Massotherapy can also be used as a preventive measure. So, don't hesitate and call on our professional services without further delay!

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17 Years of Experience!

Licensed massage therapists, we have been working in the massotherapy domain since 2009.

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Therapeutic Massages

Adult, sportsman, elderly person or person with reduced mobility, our massages help you to restore your body's optimal condition.

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Your Health, A Priority!

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