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Massotherapy and Body Regeneration Services in Montreal


Massotherapy is a therapeutic massage that benefits your physical and psychological health. At Massothérapie Mobile Dimitri, we are qualified to provide therapeutic massages to help you get back into shape and get a complete body regeneration in Montreal.


Our services are essentially mobile. We aim to help you receive the care of a licensed massage therapist in the comfort of your home, office, health centre or sports centre. Whether it's a couple massage or a tandem massage, you can enjoy a new experience that will make you feel good in the company of a loved one. The service can be personalized according to each person's wishes and adapted to your specific requests or needs, given your health condition.

Calm, relaxed and rested, you can enjoy an actual moment of well-being thanks to our massotherapy, body regeneration and fitness services, as well as therapeutic treatment combinations. Our team offers you the following benefits:

Travelling to your home

Travelling to residential areas for elderly people

Travelling to residential facilities for people with reduced mobility

Travelling to sports centers, offering specialised treatments

Travelling to the workplace and office, including banks and call centres

Travelling to health centers such as hospitals and clinics

Our services are intended for a clientele that includes men and women aged 18 and over, athletes, seniors and people with reduced mobility. We serve both private and public businesses and residential clients. Don't delay,

make an appointment with our certified massage therapists for a moment of pure relaxation and well-being. Our team travels throughout Montreal, the South Shore and the North Shore.

Find out About Our Prices

Relaxation massage:

Therapeutic massage:

Massage for back pain:

Couple massage:

Massage for people with very specific needs:

$100 for 60 min and $150 for 90 min

$120 for 60 min and $170 for 120 min

$130 for 60 min

$220 for 60 min

130$ for 60 min and 180$ for 90 min

*Tax and travel included

Annual subscription:

$895 for 12 renewal massages of 60 min

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9 PM


Are you suffering from muscle pain? The massage therapists at Massothérapie Mobile Dimitri treat and relieve your aches and pains using appropriate techniques. This is a beneficial therapeutic treatment that includes massage and healing methods to correct various physical disorders. When done correctly, you will experience positive effects on the quality of your sleep, immune system and general well-being.

Massage therapy also aims to promote stress reduction, relaxation and total body relaxation. Our approach is natural and progressive. We also use combinations of therapeutic treatments to achieve greater effectiveness.

Body Regeneration/Fitness

Nowadays, stress, fatigue and daily pressure take their toll on our health and our bodies. To help you restore and tone your body tissues, we offer a body regeneration and fitness service. The effects of our massages are visible on a physical and psychological level.

Through our energizing and soothing massages, we stimulate the strategic points of your body to facilitate:

The microcirculation of superficial tissues

The elimination of toxins

The reduction of emotional tensions

The stimulation of the overall physiological state of the body and the natural balance

Our therapists listen to your body and guarantee a courteous service.

a woman explaining the massage treatment to the client

Therapeutic Treatment Combinations

Our massage therapy treatments combine relaxation and therapeutic massages that have a physiological and psychological effect on your body. Our therapists use relaxation massage to relax the body and optimize the digestive system, the immune system, the blood system and the vital organs. In addition to relaxation, our massages are meant to improve your ability to heal, prevent physiological problems and alleviate muscular and joint pain.

a woman stretching the man's leg

Having Any Joint Pain?

Trust our team of experienced massage therapists for an effective and invigorating session.

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